Some Q&A on Azadari - Azadari around the world


Some Q&A on Azadari - Azadari around the world

Views of Ulema

* - Ayatullah Al Uzma Haaj Hossein Vahid Khorasani



1 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Haaj Syed Abul Qasim Moosavi Al Khoie "performing azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) is a part & portion of His (AS) mission because declaring the zulm (oppression) of zalim (oppressor) & mazloomiyat of mazloom (oppressed) is exactly the Deen."

1 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Haaj Syed Abul Qasim Moosavi Al Khoie "performing azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) is a part & portion of His (AS) mission because declaring the zulm (oppression) of zalim (oppressor) & mazloomiyat of mazloom (oppressed) is exactly the Deen."

2 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Roohullah Khominis' will "life of nation lies in Azadari. Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) granted salvation to Islam, & protected its eminence from being trampled by kissing martyrdom. So holding majalis-e-aza to commemorate Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS)'s martyrdom is a source of everlastingness & immortality of Islam. Those who oppose these majalis, oppose Islam. They are totally unaware of Islam's reality. It is Azadari-e-Syed-ush-Shuhada (AS), which has given protection to Islam till today. Seena zani (beating chest), nohay, lamentation & cries are the very secrets of our success." ...

"Those who object to Azadari do not know that when one weeps for Imam Hussein (as) ,he pledges to keep the mission alive. Our Youth have been told that you are a nation of weepers , those who tell them this are in fact very much frightened by our tears. The tears roll down our cheeks for the oppressed & suppressed , each droplet being a challenge to the tyrant. We must keep this up , for this is one of the signs of faith. Let no one in the name of modern thinking & intellectualism deceive you into believing that weeping & mourning over the tragedy of Kerbala is useless. "- Will of Ayatollah Khomeini (is)

3 - Ustad-Ul-Fuqaha Wal Mujtahiddeen Ayatullah Al Uzma Muhammad Hussein Al Gharvi An Na'eni, former chancellor Hoza-e-Ilmiya, Najaf-e-Ashraf, Iraq People of Basra asked Ustaad ul Fuqaha Ayatullah Al Uzma Muhammad Hussein Na'ini many questions about Sha'a'ir-e-Azadari. The most important question of those was concerning zanjeer zani & quma zani. Ayatullah Na'ini first explained the greatness & importance of Azadari in these words:

"The coming out of Azadari processions on roads & paths in Ashra-e-Aashoor (ten days) & on other similar occasions is from among those amoor, in the legality of which there is no doubt. Rather this is the most evident source & most prominent inclination from among the mazahir of Azadari-e-Mazloom. It is the easiest way for the promotion of Imam Hussain's mission & Deen's completion."

Afterwards he answered the query about Quma zani & zanjeer zani, which is as under:
"(To commemorate Hazrat Imam Hussein A.S.) There is no ambiguity in slapping the face & beating the chest to this extent that they (face & chest) become red or black but also to perform zanjeer zani on the shoulders & back is legal. But if the blood appears or comes out due to slapping & beating, it's also lawful & right. As far as taking the blood out from forehead with swords etc is concerned, its legality is aqwa with the condition of being saved from harm & just to take the blood out from forehead with out causing harm to bone that is not harmful habitually. Because those who know how to use these (zanjeer, quma & sword) use it in such a manner which doesn't cause harm to the bone. If at the time of taking the blood out he is sure of being safe from harm & by chance gets harm then it will be like that person who performs ablution or takes bath instead of performing dry ablution (tayammam) for he thinks that water will not harmful for him or a person who keeps fast considering himself healthy & that keeping fast will not harm him, but afterwards water or fast appears to be harmful for him, this will not be Haraam. As a precautionary measure, only those perform it who could. & those, who being subdued with the love & grief of Ghareeb-e-Karbala could not know that where the zanjeer & sword is hitting, should avoid. [b May Allah give them firmness with goal issaabit in this world & the hereafter."

4 - Ayatullah Abdullah Majeed Faqeehi Barojurdi All marasim-e-aza are from among the sha'a'ir Allah (signs of Allah). & to respect sha'a'ir Allah is piety."

5 - Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Ali Kazmaini Barojurdi "Marasim-e-Aza (azadari rites) are not only mustahab (desirable) rather they are obligatory."

6 - Ayatullah Al Musleh Al Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Aal Kashif Ul Ghita "By God, azadari is the gate of ample blessings of Allah, & the boat of salvation (kashti-e-najat) which protects from every destruction & trouble. Who is he & what sort of power is that, which could shut this open gate of Divine blessings & intercept this great mean & source, which leads towards Allah"

7 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Mohsin Tabatabae Hakeem "performing azadari is a source of connection with the Guides of deen, of verdure & fertility of emaan, elevation & magnificence of deen & expression of Sha'a'ir-e-Deen (signs of religion). If these amoor-e-azadari (majalis-e-aza, mourning, azadari processions, matam, etc) are not to be performed, irreligiousness would get popularization".

8 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Gulpaigani "Due to the blessings of Azadari, people get awareness of their rights. It is a source, by dint of which mission of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) & the aim of Risaalat (prophet hood) is being revived. In fact Azadari is Deen (religion). The pure & sinless Aaimmah (AS) had said: "perform Azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) to stand against tyranny & despotism". This is Azadari which gave birth to the biggest revolutions, shaked the basis of palaces of tyranny of Umayyad rule, redressed the grievance of oppressed & rooted out the oppressor."

9 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Mamqani "These are the rites of Azadari, by virtue of which thousands of misled have become righteous."

10 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Haaj Syed Mohammad Haadi Meelani " Azadari & its rites only are the most important means of promotion & thrive ness of deen. Which one is that pen which could duly & properly write down the supremacy, praise, virtues & the effects of His (AS) qayaam? Khandaan-e-Ismat-o- Taharat is a divine sign from among the divine signs & Imam Hussein (AS) is the mazloom son of that mazloom father that no one is there to take their qisas but Allah."

11 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Abdullah Sherazi " Rites of Azadari of Ahle-Bayt-e-Ismat- o-Taharat (AS) are from among the most important sha'air-e-deeniya (signs of deen) & are the excellent & most prominent deeds which will provide ground for more & more reward in Akhira (the hereafter). These lead the whole Muslim nation in general & shia nation in particular towards the achievement of great success & creation of revolutions."

12 - Ayatullah Al Haaj Syed Abdul Aala Sabzwari " The respect, promotion & eternity of sha'air-e-Hussainiyat (Hussaini signs) is from among the most powerful & important means of liberation because Rites of Azadari are from sha'air Allah (signs of Allah)"

13 - Ayatullah Syed Mirza Al Khurasaani Al Ha'eri "Performing Azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS)----all of this is from the desired sources of nearness to Allah, a great success & eternal reward in this world & the hereafter, & whatever has been said or written against it, it is nothing but venom spitting of Ummayad & enmity of marvanis. Revival of sha'air's (signs) respect is the promotion of Islam, preservation of Islamic signs & manifestation of Islamic lights."

14 - Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Jawad Tabatabai Tabrezi "Azadari Rites of Hazrat Imam Hussein Ibn-e-Ali (AS) in whatever manner they are, all are the more effective means for Islam's greatness, magnificence & protection. For that very reason enemies of Islam are making ambush but they are not able to snatch this great dawat (invitation) from the people."

15 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Muhammad Bin Al Mehdi Hussaini Sherazi "Azadari of Imam Hussein (AS) is the very base of our religion & we want to protect Islam through it. Azadari rites are the sources of salvation for weak & helpless people from tyrant rulers. In whatever manner, sha'air-e-Hussaini are, they are superior & source of sawaab (reward)"

16 - Ayatullah Ali Al Hussein Al Asfahani Al Faani "We consider matam & sha'air-e- Hussainia the nearest means for nearness to Allah Almighty & reaching towards Rasool (peace of Allah be upon him & his progeny) & Aaimmah Huda (AS) because through it mission of these sinless guides get revived. Thrive ness of divine message & promotion of Ahkaam-e-sharia is the fruit of performing Sha'air-e-Hussaini. It creates unity & harmony in the ranks. I consider these sha'air a reply to istaghasa-e-Imam-e- Mazloom (AS)"

17 - Ayatullah Al-Uzma Aqae Al Haaj Syed Muhammad Sadiq Roohaani "Azadari is an effective weapon against oppression. Azadari processions are a source from among the Hussaini sources & a gate from among the gates of Heaven (Jannat). Qayaam of Syed-ush-shuhada (AS) & His sacred sacrifices happened to be the source of religion's revival after its destruction .if it was not being done then their would be nothing remained of Islam but its name & of Quran but just a written thing."

18 - Ayatullah Sheikh Muhammad Raza Tibsi Nahfi ll rites of azadari are religious signs (sha'a'ir), & to respect sha'a'ir Allah is a sign of piety of hearts."

19 - Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Waheedi Tabrezi "It should not be hidden that in praising Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS), describing the factors of His Qayaam (coming out), lamenting over His (AS) sufferings, & in holding majalis such a great reward lies that the tongue & pen are unable to describe it. To respect the Azadari rites is a religious want & a source of reward. Weak & helpless of the world could be get freed by virtue of these azadari rites."

20 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Gharvi Asfahani "Why these Azadari rites would not be the source of reward, hence just Azadari-e- Mazloom-e-Karbala (AS) & its rites have been the only & only source of unity of the nation, propagation of religion & promotion of Kalma-e-Haq in the past, present & will be in future."

21 - Ayatullah Hasan Qummi Tabatabae "Majalis-e-Azadari are the only source which gathers the people on a platform & make them aware of religious teachings."

22 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Asad Ullah Moosavi Dazfoli "Azadari rites cause honour, dignity & respect. They are national sign & from among those important Sha'a'ir, Aaimmah (AS) had again & again advised for. Mission-e-Masumeen (AS) is alive due to these azadari rites, & lesson of qayaam-e- haq against Baatil lies in it. In fact maraasim-e-aza (azadari rites) is Maktab-e- hle Bayt (AS)."

23 - Ayatullah Aaqae Raza Madni Kashani "The topmost objective of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) was the protection & prosperity of Islam. So performing Azadari is from among the most important wajibaat."

24 - Ayatullah Hashim Aamli "Azadari rites & description of sufferings of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) has an effective role & contribution in the existence of Islam in general, & of Mazhab-e-Haqqa Isna Ashari, in particular."

25 - Ayatullah Sheikh Murtaza Mutahheri "Azadari rites (majalis-e-aza, mourning, azadari processions, matam, etc) are a basic movement & a collective Elaan-e-Jehad. A single tear being flown in commemoration of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS)'s martyrdom, is also a Jehad (holy war)."

26 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Al Sheikh Muhammad Ali Iraqi "The most important result which is being obtained from Azadari is that: the listener feels that the blood which was caused to shed wrongfully, was the most sacred blood, & Ahle Bayte Ismat-o- Taharat (AS) were those holiest persons who were chained."

27 - Ayatullah Syed Karamat Ullah Hussaini "Enemies of Islam also are aware of the advantage of azadari rites & majalis-e-aza. For the development of an Elevated Goal, the elimination of Imperialism, the eradication of satanic powers & the establishment of Universal Islamic Rule, the protection of Azadari is very much necessary."

28 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Aaqae Syed Shahab Ud Din Mar'ashi "Qayaam of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) is the Divine Qayaam. Ummat had crossed the limits of oppression & cruelties over Him (AS). So amoor-e-azadari (holding majalis, description of sufferings of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS), beating chest, zanjeer zani, quma zani etc) should be performed as in the past. Rather to perform these amoor in the present day world is from among the zarooriyaat-e-deeniya & a source of enhancement in reward."

29 - Ayatullah Syed Murtaza Pasandeeda Khomenie "To observe the azadari days of Aaimmah-e-Ahle Bayt (AS) is compulsory & obligatory, & to leave them out is against the masaleh of ummah."

30 - Ayatullah Syed Kazim Mar'ashi "Arrangements of azadari rites, which is a source of success & blessings in this world & the hereafter is obligatory."

31 - Ayatullah Sheikh Ali Ghazi Shahroodi "Azadari-e-Ghareeb-e-Karbala (AS) is a worship from among the divine worships. Munkar of azadari & its rites is in fact a munkar of zaroorat-e-mazhabi (religious necessity)."

32 - Ayatullah Murtaza Askari "To perform marasim-e-aza is a source of sawab (reward) & all rites of azadari are the promotion of sha'a'ir-e-deeniya (religious signs)."

33 - Ayatullah Syed Taqi Tabatabai Qummi "By virtue of performing azadari, reward & Allah's pleasure is being achieved. Azadari rites are sha'a'ir-e-deeniya & Maktab-e-Syed-Ul-Mursaleen (peace of Allah be upon Him & His Aal)."

34 - Ayatullah Syed Mehdi Mar'ashi "Azadari of Syed-e-Konain (lord of two worlds) is a kind of angelic lights. It has been, & will remain a source of integrity of shia school of thought, development of deen-e-mubeen, promotion of commands of Khatim ul Anbia (peace of Allah be upon him & his progeny), propagation of mazhab-e-jafariya in the Islamic world, establishment of justice & equity, opposition of tyranny & oppression, & annihilation of oppressor."

35 - Ayatullah Nasir Makaram Sherazi "Azadari of pashwa'e Hurriyyat (guide of freedom), Salaar-e-Qafla (leader of the caravan), Talib-e-Shahadat (desirous of martyrdom) Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) & his companions who sacrificed each & every thing in the battle of Haq & Baatil in Karbala & preferred the red death of martyrdom than the black & dark life of disgrace, is a duty from among the duties of muslim ummah."

36 - Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Muhammad Raza Barojurdi "Azadari with all its kinds, is a source of development of sacred deen, Islam .The people who do not give importance to Azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) & Ahle- Bayt(AS) ,their Emaan (faith/belief) is declining."

37 - Ayatullah Syed Muhammad Mehdi Moosavi Khalkhali "Performing the rites of Azadari is the respect of sha'air Allah & revival of Aaimmah Ahle Bayt (AS)'s sacred mission. To commemorate Aaimmah Ahle Bayt (AS) whether it is under the title of Azadari or lamentation, is the life of religion & hatred to oppression .The effects of majalis-e-aza in the existence of Islam are evident till today."

38 - Ayatullah Aaqa'e Haaj Sheikh Jawad Tabrezi "Azadari of Aal-e-Muhammad (progeny of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH & His Aal) is from among the mustahab aamal (desirable deeds). These are the best means to promote Islam & to give public, awareness with the facts & realities of Islamic history."

39 - Ayatullah Syed Hassan Moosavi Khadmi Asfahani, Principal Hoza-e-Ilmiya, Asfahaan "Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) is the most important of sha'a'ir-e-deeniya. Wonderful reward has been promised for azadari because shahadat-e-Imam mazloom (AS) is a maktab-e-fikr & a lesson."

40 - Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslemeen Syed Murtaza Feroze Abadi "Whoever raise a question or argue about istehbaab of azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) in the present day world, do it understand that there's something wrong with his deen, lineage & nobility or he has lost his head & gone mad."

41 - Ayatullah Muhammad Fazil, Hoza-e- Ilmiya, Qumm "All azadari rites are the protectors of sacred qayaam of Imam-e-Mazloom (AS). The first & last objective of Imam Hussein (AS)'s qayaam (coming out) was only the revival of Islam .as just as the foundation of Islamic revolution of Iran is under obligation to azadari rites, in the same manner the development & promotion of this revolution will be achieved through azadari & rites of azadari."

42 - Ayatullah Jafer Subhani Tabrezi, Qumm Al Muqaddisa "Azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) is one of those Islamic mustahabbat, which have been emphasized by our guides & leaders of religion. Rites of azadari are the protector of the goal of Imam-e-mazloom (AS), the goal which is the creator of revolutions."

43 - Ayatullah Muhammad Karmi "Marasim-e-Azadari, being performed in connection with the great sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS), are sha'a'ir Allah & obligatory in every period & at every place. Publicizing the mazloomiyat-e- Imam (AS) to this extent that Arsh-e- Iqtadaar (throne) of disobedient & headstrong be shaken & trembled, is extremely necessary."

44 - Ayatullah Muslim Malkooti Saraabi "Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) which is one of great sha'a'ir-e-mazhabia, has become a particular sign of Mazhab-e- Haqqa. It would not be improper & wrong to say that the existence of shia maslak without any change & modification up till now, & the protection of Usool & Faru, are under obligation to these Marasim-e-Aza (azadari rites) & Azadari-e-Ghareeb-e- Karbala (AS)."

45 - Ayatullah Hussein Noori, Qumm Al Muqaddisa "Azadari rites are commendable & praiseworthy rather a source of reward. It is necessary for the whole Muslim ummah not only to observe this bloody incident of Aashoor every year but refresh it every moment so that the weak & have nots of this Maktab-e-Fikr be embraced with the freedom of fikr-o-amal (thinking & deed)."

46 - Ayatullah Murtaza Ha'eri Yazdi "Lamentation over Ghareeb-e-Karbala (AS) is from zarooriyaat-e-mazhab (requisites of deen)."

47 - Ayatullah Mustafa Etamaadi "Azadari of Syed-ush-Shuhada (AS) is a true path & divine fountainhead of bounty. Its legality is quite clear, evident & unambiguous in any form & condition. Protection of this heavenly reality is obligatory."

48 - Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Jaffery Tabrezi "Azadari & Marasim-e-Azadari is a voice of expression of hearty feelings. Hussaini days have been the jhoomar (beauty) of history's forehead in the name of defending the honour of Islam."

49 - Ayatullah Syed Mehdi Lajwardi "Those who taunt Azadari-e-Imam Hussein (AS) are living in the heaven of fools. They are the enemies of deen & shariat & are wearing the tauq of curse of the true guides of Quran & Deen-e-Haq."

50 - Ayatullah Mustafa Noori Ardbeli "Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) is a standard bearer of freedom of thought, rather a divine representative & from Ashaab-e-Kisa (peace of Allah be upon them), in respect of whom Aaya-e-Tatheer was revealed. Beams of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS)'s qayaam are a lesson for whole Islamic world. Whole world should find out its way in the light of these beams & rays."

51 - Ayatullah Aaqae Sheikh Abu Talib Tajleel "Azadari of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) is the very foundation of shia school of thought as well as honour of sha'a'ir Allah. To hold majalis-e-aza & lament over His (AS)'s great sufferings reflects the love with The Holy Prophet (peace of Allah be upon Him& His Aal)."

52 - Ayatullah Aaqae Haaj Syed Hussein Moosavi Karmaani All effectiveness of karbala is due to the name of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) & it is Qayaam-e-Hussaini which gave life to deen. To hold majalis-e-aza & perform marasim- e-aza is the most important amar from among the amoor-e-deen."

53 - Ayatullah Mohsin Haram Panahi, Qumm Al Muqaddisa "Aza-e- (to mourn) Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) is the respect of sha'a'ir (signs), the revival of deen & the promotion of shariat."

54 - Ayatullah Abbas Mahfoozi Gilani "Majalis-e-Aza are the revival of Mission-e-Aal-e-Muhammad (peace of Allah be upon Them). These are the majalis which have been giving us protection since centuries."

55 - Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, Chief Of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan To commemorate Hazrat Imam Hussein Ibne Abi Talib (AS), who was The Representative of Khasaan-e-Khuda, The Successor of Anbia (AS), & The Protector of deen-o-shariat, is the declaration of success of Mohaz-e-Tauheed, challenge of Jehad to polytheism, infidelity, oppression, tyranny, despotism & barbarity, the revival of dawat-e-Tauheed-o-Risaalat-o-Walayat. His objective was universal & high in character restoring supremacy of religion, respect of the humanity, preaching & protecting the message of Tauheed-o- Risaalat & walayat. Karbala is the central point of all movements in action for achievement of independence all around the world. Karbala is the name of giving priority to honorable death over life in humiliation. Islam is an expression of Hussainiyyat while Hussainiyyat that in fact is the message of death for evil forces, is commensurate with Azadari. Azadari is a universal protest of oppressed against oppression. Azadari is our jugular vein; it is the soul of all Ibadaat (worships) while zanjeer zani & quma zani are the soul of Azadari. Any one, who will collide with the strong rock of Azadari, will become unidentified."


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