Q&A - by Aytullah Bashir Najafi


Translation of Q/A paper in urdu - handed over by Aytullah Bashir Najafi office in dec 07

A1) If there is a chance that shiaism will be wiped out by not doing azadari, in such cases azadari becomes wajib, otherwise it is a source of great recompense.

Q2) what is the importance of azadari?

A2) Azadari includes all works whether action or speech which are mubah (ie not haram). It should be done with the aim of spreading word about the oppression of Imam Hussein (a) & other ahl Bayt(a) & the humiliation of their enemies. We have been ordered to do azadari, it brings great recompense.

Q3) During azadari of Imam Hussein (a), is it allowed to kiss the alam, taziah, zuljinah?

A3) It is not a problem to kiss, it is allowed. But to believe that an infallible (masoom) has ordered to kiss is not allowed.

Q4) what do you say to the wearing of chains on the wrists & the ankles.

A4) If one wears so as not to forget the imprisonment of his oppressed & innocent Imam (a), it is allowed. But to do so thinking it to be the sunnat of the Imam is not allowed. No masoom has ever ordered such a thing.

Q5) Is it allowed to ‘de-shirt’ oneself on the streets to do matam, where women are also present?
A5) It is not a problem, women should not go to such places.
Q6) What is your opinion about zanjeer & kama’

A6) If zanjeer & kama’ are done with the intention of spreading word about the oppression to which Imam Hussein (a) was subjected, not only is it allowed but brings great recompense. However, if before doing such matam, one is satisfied (itminan) that he will die or some organ of his body will become useless, it is not allowed. Similarly, it is not allowed in those areas where people, due to ignorance, will turn away from Islam or will feel a revulsion towards Islam.

Q7) While mourning for Imam Hussein (a) is it allowed to hit with a dagger or knife, which results in loss of a lot of blood. Is this a source of any recompense? While doing so, if a person dies, what is your opinion regarding this?

A7) If matam is done this way to spread word about the oppression of Imam Hussein (a), then it is a source of great recompense. If one dies during this, he will be included amongst the helpers of Imam (a) & the ahl bayt (a) But if he knows before doing such matam that he will die or some part of his body will become useless, it is not allowed. Similarly, do not do such matam in places where ignorant people will turn away from Islam.

Q) During majalis of Imam Hussein (a) some orators recite traditions about which we do not know whether they are true or fabricated, while others are definitely fabricated. Is it allowed to attend such majalis?

A) Bismihi Ta’ala. It is a major sin to recite & hear(while declaring them to be true) those traditions about which one is sure that they are fabricated. If attending such a majlis amounts to the acceptance & spreading the fame of such a false tradition reciter, it not allowed to attend such a majlis. Let it be clear that attributing false traditions to the Aimma violated their rights. It is the duty of every mo’min to refrain from such acts. Wallaho alam

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